Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Night Stands

Thrifty Thursday is back. Yea!!!!
To kick things off, we're looking at nightstands. I tried to go with something modern, but as it turns out, they stopped making quality, wood nightstands back in the 60's!

Location: Chicago
Price: $15

Now you can play chess until the wee hours of the night!

Retro Blonde Nightstand
Location: Washington, D.C.
Price: $70

Add a funky retro flair to your bedroom. Super cute and practicle with large drawer and small hutch for keeping things in order.
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Location: Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Price: $60 (set of two)
Perfect if you're looking for a little extra storage space. Each stand has a cabinet and small drawer.
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Location: Ventura, CA
Price: $75 (set of 2)

So adorable! Curtains close off the cabinet doors. You can easily change the look of your room whenever you want by changing out the fabric.
Location: San Francisco
Price: $85 (set of 2)

If you read my blog regularly, you've probably guessed that these are my favorites! Great price for such great pieces.

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