Welcome to my apartment!

Apartment 528 began as A Day in the Life of Design Girl,  a blog for me to share the various DIY and decorating projects of my first Boston apartment with my family back in the midwest.  

Then it turned out other people were actually reading too.  Whowouldathunk?  I found out there were many renters like me looking for ways to live stylishly without breaking the bank or losing their security deposit.  Soon after, A Day in the Life... became Apartment 528, dedicated to my amazingly talented designer mother who's birthday is May 28th.  I don't know where I'd be if she hadn't dragged me to hardware and fabric stores as a kid or let me help her create beautiful things out of nothing.

Now, five years from the start, I'm still here sharing DIY tips for "lazy DIY-ers" like myself who have no patience for time-consuming projects. You'll also see my vintage obsession, find affordable decor that can go with you as you move, read all about my adventures in  Chicago (we moved!), and see plenty of posts about my attempts to turn my apartment into a retro masterpiece!

But that's not all!  After years of drooling over all the wonderful goodies out there, I finally opened the Apartment 528 Store in 2009. It's full of vintage and handmade finds at prices that won't make you go crazy. Now I get to scout for talented, indie designers and search the midwest for vintage wares, all in an effort to bring you the best, most awesome, yet affordable stuff.

Because even renters deserve good design!

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