Sunday, February 8, 2009

Apartment 528 in the Boston Globe!

Yep. That's me peeking around the bookcases in my living room! The Globe ran an article on January 29th about radiator covers and how to work then into your decor. I was thrilled to participate...who knew my 15 seconds of fame would come from something as simple as a radiator cover!?!

In my opinion, radiator covers should be treated the same as you would a piece of furniture. What style cover should you use? What color works best? Lucky for me, the metal grating on the radiator covers that came with my apartment fit perfectly into my retro-themed decor. All I had to do was add a quick coat of paint and, voila!

If you're apartment came with covers as well, paint or fabric may be the cheapest way to dress them up. If you don't have covers, consider making one yourself or working out a deal with your landlord. They might be willing to buy them for you or take a little something off the rent, if you leave the covers behind when you move.

Looking for more tips and DIY instructions? Check out the Boston Globe for ideas.