Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Re-style: Pillow Change

Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your apartment. Neutral pillows in a brightly colored room mellow things out while bright pillows in a neutral room give just the perfect pop of color. In my apartment, I use bold prints to add texture to the solid upholstery of my furniture.

During the course of my pillow search, I came across design blog Orange You Lucky which featured pillows from the French company Bonjour Mon Coussins. Their website is all in French (English coming soon) but you don't need a translator to see how amazing their unique designs are. Not only will these cheeky pillows perk up your couch or bed, but they'll be instant conversation starters. I'm in love with all of their designs, though the Choco pillow is my favorite. How can you pass up a pillow that looks like a chocolate bar!?

To make sure you don't go overboard with prints and crazy patterns, pick one or two of your favorite designs and add them in with a few neutral pillows.

If you're looking to add a little flair and not yet ready for the funky designs of Bonjour Mon Coussin, check out MadAspen Home. Their fun patterns and bold colors will add just the right amount of spice to any apartment without being overwhelming.

But that's not all I found online. Check out these ingenious pillows from Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade products. They have more than just pillows, so don't forget to check them out for clothing, furniture, art, jewelry, and more. Each designer is different so you'll find just about everything on Etsy from elegant to funky to bizarre.

Doe - Nora Jane; Flower Print - Ruth's Crafts; Bird on Cherry Blossom - Joom; Owl - Mon Petit Fantome; Fries - Dutch Dolls; Violet Flowers - Shy Violet Design; Guitar - The Grateful Thread

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