Monday, April 14, 2008

Mural, Mural on the Wall

My design flavor of the week: wall murals. Actually, I've been in to murals for awhile. Our plan was to put up a mural when we first moved into our apartment. We searched around for awhile but never could pick one. We finally found a mural we like, but have to put it on hold now that we've decided to move this summer. Such is life!

Urban Outfitters has cool murals that would loook great in a loft, but only four designs. Murals Your Way is another wall decor supplier and has an awesome selection to choose from. You can also send in a personal picture to have them customize a mural just for you. I told Jerome we should get a giant mural of me...for some reason that creeped him out!

If you can't find what you like on the website and you don't have any of your own pictures, give Murals Your Way a call and they'll work with you to create a design that's perfect for your apartment.

Mural Superstore was featured on several design shows and seems to be a great source for all sorts of wall decor. Not only do they have murals, but they also have silhouettes and pre-pasted poster designs.

The murals go up the same as wallpaper and most murals come with the adhesive and tools. If you're worried about ruining the walls of your apartment and losing your deposit, don't fret - the murals come off like wallpaper and won't leave any damage. I've only removed wallpaper once, but it's my experience that how well it comes off depends on how well it went on and how patient you are! You'll probably need a good coat of paint after removal but it shouldn't be a huge problem for renters.

The cost varies by size, design, and company. At Murals Your Way, the Trees mural is $650 for a 10' x 8' and the Broadway mural is $350 for a 6' x 8'. At Mural Superstore, the Leaving the Lillies mural is $99 for a 6' x 9' and at Urban Outfitters the I Love You mural is $200 for a 10' x 8'. In my opinion, this is a good investment if you're planning to be in your apartment for a year or more and really want to give the place some personality. I've invested so much in my apartment already that another $200 won't kill me! The bamboo would look great in my dining room.

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