Thursday, April 10, 2008


You're eyes are not deceiving you...the name of the blog HAS changed!

Earlier this year I changed the name of my design company from Youz*d Design to Apartment 528. While I have yet to disclose the new direction I'm taking Apartment 528 or release the website, I've slowly been adding new features to the blog. With all of the changes I've been making and THINKING about making, I have to admit it slipped my mind that I hadn't changed the name of the blog to Apartment 528. So, I'm doing it now!

What are some of the changes that have kept me busy? In March, I extended Thrifty Thursday, my most popular post, to include some of the top US cities. Last week I launched the Must Have Item feature on the sidebar. Any time I find an exciting item I like, I'll add it as the Must Have. April marked the beginning of Spring Reviews and Tips - every weekend I'll review a product or give DIY tips to help you fix up your apartment, spring clean, or prepare for an end-of-semester move. And last but not least, I changed the color scheme to add a little brightness to this not so bright (or warm!) spring.

Several other blog features and company announcements (including a cool logo and new website) are in the works so keep your eyes peeled ane ears open! And, as always, don't forget to email, IM, or leave comments with your favorite products, ideas, and questions.

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