Friday, October 12, 2007

Crunch time

My new discovery is freshome ( a design blog site full of neat posts. My iGoogle, which I used to monitor RSS feeds, found freshome for me while searching for other design blogs. What caught my eye? The toilet shaped house and the heat-sensitive wallpaper. You have to check it out! It just goes to show, nothing is impossible!

This weekend is going to be SUPER busy. Last week's attempt to hang my dining room chandelier were unsuccessful, making me even more determined to get it done. I've also discovered a poorly-hung light fixture in my workroom. I went to change the light bulb and down came the light! Not a good sign. Perhaps I should become and electrician.

Aside from my lighting problems, I am also planning the finishing designs of our apartment next week. My deadline for having the three main rooms finished is next Thursday. I'm going to spend Saturday painting the hallway (again) and Tuesday shopping and picking up the finishing touches. After these rooms are all done, I'll feel a little more at home and finally be able to focus on other things.

But, this weekend isn't all about me. Painting is going to be a big factor with a two room paint job in Watertown taking place Sunday. Then it's furniture shopping and selling. The Watertown apartment is picking up steam this upcoming week with it's big reveal coming next Saturday, the 20th, when the apartment will be turned into party central.

I'm also going to attempt to sew this weekend. I've never offered any type of stitching service to clients simply because it's not my thing. My mom can sew you anything, anytime, anywhere. Not me. But, it's come to my attention that store-bought curtains and runners are just not going to cut it for our apartment, so I'm hitting the fabric store.

Wish me luck.

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