Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Wonder that is Home Depot

Last night, I went to Home Depot with my Watertown client, Joe. We had chosen light and dark blue paint to use in the lounge area of his apartment. On paper, it looked wonderful. The colors compliment each other and set the perfect mood. As mentioned in a previous post, the lounge was starting to come together until we discovered the dark blue paint was a hideous, transparent, watery bucket of junk. It was nowhere near the original color we picked and didn't even have the consistency of paint.

In our minds, returning the paint would be simple. A blind person could tell that this paint was horrible and should be exchanged. Of course, the paint tech didn't feel this way. He insisted that it wasn't the paint that was mixed wrong and that it was how we were using the paint. We should try using a tinted primer first to see if that makes things better. He informed us that the paint was correctly mixed and should have no problems. Apparently he's a master paint tech that has NEVER mixed the wrong paint. Joe tried informing him that we weren't upset about the paint being mixed could have been a computer error...but the guy stuck to his story.

After five minutes of listening to him try to tell me how to paint, I informed the gentelman that I'm not new to painting. I've been doing this for a while now, with all types of colors, and have NEVER run into paint as crappy as this.

Finally he mixed us new paint.

The good thing that came out of this was the discovery of a great new painting tool, the Allway Paint Pouring Spout (retail $2.47). This handy device acts as a paint can lid, a spout to easily pour paint, and has a built in magnetic brush holder. Now you won't have to worry about paint dripping down the side of your paint can or spills from messy pouring. You'll also have a place to rest your brush when necassary. I wish I had thought of this!

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