Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Painting Lessons

I'm STILL painting. It seems like I've been doing this forever!

I spray painted our dining chairs black over the weekend. I cranked out three chairs and was about to finish the fourth when I ran out of spray paint. Too lazy to go to the store again, I chose to finish it later. That left the one lone wood chair sitting amont the nice three black chairs. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore! I got the strength to go to the store and spent Tuesday making the last chair beautiful.

Actually I should say Jerome made that last chair beautiful. Jerome is my wonderful, paint-challenged boyfriend. Music is his thing, construction and painting are not! I showed him how close to hold the can and let him get to work. I must say, he's a natural. Not only did he do the chair all by himself, he also helped with the dining table.

May I say I LOVE the dining table. It was a beautiful table but I wasn't in love with the wood, so silver it went. The table had a lacquer finish which I should have sanded down; the smooth finish caused the paint to run. Because I was going to be spray painting outside, I decided to skip the sanding step in an effort to beat the rain. Silver covers pretty well so we were able to do one coat and only get hit with a few sprinkles in the end. What a relief! The finished product is gorgeous if I do say so myself. The silver brings out the rich grain of the wood and it looks great with the glass top and black chairs. I couldn't have asked for better!

Of course, with the table finished and placed in it's rightful place in the middle of the dining room, the long white desk looks TOO white. Surrounded by white trim on from the window and door, the desk area definitley needs a dark touch. Not wanting to paint anymore than I have to, I'll add the wall art and rug first to see if that helps, otherwise, the desk is going black.

Still looking for purple table runners...

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