Sunday, September 16, 2007

Paint, Rock & Roll

Though it felt like a busy weekend, I didn't get much accomplished. Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon were spent hanging with the cable guy as he installed our new satellite dish. What was supposed to be a 2-4 hour install took 12 hours over the course of 2 days....gotta love the cable (satellite) guy.

He wasn't the only person working slow. Friday night I spent hours just staring at the dining room trying to decide what color the wall art should be and whether to repaint the desk. Saturday, I spent ALL day painting the bedroom. Between the cable guy asking me questions and my excitement at having the TV installed, it took me forever to paint. When I finally put down the paintbrush and took a step back, I discovered how much I really don't like the Peanut Butter brown. After all that work, I hated it and wanted to pick another color. Dear Jerome, who LOVES the color, has decided it will stay. We'll see how this goes...

Sunday was a bit more productive. After a morning of grocery shopping and ihop, we hit the thrift stores to find a coffee table and a new bed frame. Bed frames are about the same price no matter where you go so I just picked one up at College Furniutre and Rug on Harvard Ave. in Allston. I'm not a fan of this store - expensive prices for low-quality furniture - but it was on the way to the car.

We then hit Cheap Chic, Urban Renewal and the guitar store. We never found the perfect coffee table, but we were able to find the bass holders we needed for Jerome's oh-so-gorgeous basses.

I couldn't wait to start putting things together when we got home. The bed frame took us quite a while - who writes directions nowadays? Thankfully, hanging the basses wasn't as horrible a task. After deciding where the basses would hang, I drilled the hangers in using an anchor kit. Our walls are plaster so butterfly anchors work best for making sure everything's secure.

*Youz*r Hint: Don't have a stud-finder handy? Most studs are about 16" apart.

So far, I like it. The basses fit perfectly in their area. Now it's time to tackle the record wall. What a project that's going to be.

Youz*d Shopping Guide: Allston/Brighton Thrift Stores
-Cheap Chic
116 Harvard Ave, Allston
Good for: records, dishes, desks, old electronics
Look elsewhere for: furniture (expensive) and clothes (only 1 rack)

-Urban Renewal
122 Brighton Ave, Allston
Good For: housewares, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle T's, canvases/frames
Look elsewhere for: furniture (hit or miss)

-Haddassah Bargain Spot (Out of Business)
1123 Commonwealth Ave, Boston
Though going out of business this week, Haddassah was good for furniture and accessories.
Open for 50 years, it deserves a mention!

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