Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy Week Recap Part 1 - Friday

Phew, what a busy week we've had! I started off this post planning to recap all the things we did this past week, but then I realized there were so many pictures to share from Friday alone that there was no way I could write about all our adventures in one post. So today I'm just going to write about last Friday.

It all started with a trip to an Oak Park estate sale with the amazing Leilani of the blog Thriftaholic. She's the only person I know who wouldn't kill me for texting her at 5:30am to coordinate our schedule! After arriving at the estate sale an extra 2 hours early and getting our names on the list, we headed out to explore the neighborhood, which was also home to the Frank Lloyd Wright studio. There were so many gorgeous houses I want to go back when I have the time to take even more pictures.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio

More of his studio

The house I think my mom should move in to. It's so HER!
Leilani (pictured) and I found this awesome 50's apartment complex. It was the coolest thing I ever saw! If only this was in Chicago, I would happily move in :)

When we finally went into the sale, the first room we walked into was this 70's cool YELLOW KITCHEN!!!!! Yellow is my FAVORITE color so seeing this kitchen in all of it's glory was like living out a fantasy.

Look at these cabinets! And that built-in!

The knobs and pulls are rad.

I've never seen knife storage like this! We wanted to buy it for ourselves but they wouldn't sell it :(

While at the sale I scored an awesome kitchen table, in yellow of course.  My other yellow find, this metal bookcase...the perfect store solution for our files at the studio. Major score. The owners of the house were both doctors and had TONS of vintage office equipment. I wanted to grab more!

I've been lazy and haven't photographed all of my other purchases yet but they'll be up in the store soon. In the meantime, head over to Thriftaholic to see more pictures including some of Leilani's finds. This weekend we're going on a buying trip to get the store stocked with new vintage for the upcoming Randolph Market. Afterwards, I'll be back with more pictures from our super busy week.

What are YOUR weekend plans?


  1. That knife storage is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I may have to try to figure out a DIY on that!

  2. It's super simple. That one in particular was laminate...but you could easily make one out of wood and then attach magnets. I left my number just in case the new owners decide to demolish the kitchen in favor of something more modern. I'll definitely take the knife storage and cabinets off their hands :)

  3. So Amazing, Thanks for Sharing!