Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Better Late than Never - 28Day Giveaway!

UPDATE 3/2 - The contest is now closed.  Congrats to Domestic Diva and Reva Skie for being our two big winners :)

So I missed yesterday's 28Day Giveaway!  To be fair, I was covered in a layer of paint dust and Rustoleum as I started day 1 of my tanker desk renovation.  Not a good excuse, I know!

To make up for it we'll have TWO big winners today!  That's right...2 of you will win a $28 store credit to the Apartment 528 Store!!!

To enter, head over to the Apt528 Store were I've hidden FIVE Apt528 buttons (pictured left). Search through the different categories, find all 5, then leave a comment on this blog post telling where you found them (ie: in the Entertaining section, etc.) Only I will see the comments at first.  No cheating!

Contest ends at 5pm today.  At that time, five winners will be chosen at random.  

     - TWO people will win a $28 Apt528 store credit
     - THREE people will win a $10 Apt528 store credit

*Limit one entry per person.

Don't forget to leave an email address or something so I can contact you if you win! 

Have at it!


  1. I found the five in the kitchen section, entertaining section, office section, sale section and new section.

    Alberta Hardison

  2. Hey!

    I see them in Office, kitchen, entertaining, new and sale.

    Hope I win! I love that shop!


  3. Hi there! I found 'em all!
    1. Vintage->Kitchen, p.2
    2. Handmade->Entertaining p.1
    3. Handmade->Office p.1
    4. $25 and Under p.5
    5. New p.3

    Hope I get lucky! Love your store :)

    Debbie (debzeppelin@hotmail.com)

  4. The five places they are located at are
    1.)The sale link in between the sony rotary alarm clock and the Gladding Mc Bean & Co Tea set.
    2.)Page two of the Kitchen link the 1st item in the second row.
    3.)The entertaining link, the the 1st item in the 3rd row.
    4.)The office link, the 1st item of the 1st row.
    5.)Under the $25 & under link, on page 5 the 1st item in the 1st row.

    my email is: DomesticDiva2Be@gmail.com

  5. Kitchen,
    $25 and Under,

  6. Yay!! So happy to have won! Placed my order already - can't wait to receive it! Thanks so much!!