Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Weekender: Halfway There

So I have a million and one projects going on at the moment.  I'm still working on my entertainment center redo, I just switched my home office and guest room so both rooms are now a mess, and my basement living room still has boxes we haven't unpacked since we moved here in September!  When will it ever end?

The good thing is I'm almost done with my entertainment center.  It started out as a dresser and is now on its way to becoming the perfect tv stand.

Back when it was a dresser.  I got it off craigslist for $30.  I chose it because of the detail on the side drawers.

I chose to paint the dresser the same shade of white (Silver Leaf by Behr) that I used to paint the wall opposite of the charcoal grey wall.  I NEVER paint things white, I'm all about color, so we'll see how long I last with the white walls and entertainment center :)

Painting the handles proved to be the difficult part.  Normally spray paint would be the best option but I wanted the handles to match the dresser exactly.  Since I don't have a paint sprayer I had to paint them with a foam roller.  The handle on the bottom was sanded before painting.

After the first coat of primer. 

One handle was sanded and primed, the second was only primed, and the other was painted, no priming.  You can't tell the difference though I do think you should at least prime first so that the paint adhere's better.

The finished handle.  Again, wish I could have sprayed them instead of using the roller but they still turned out well.

The semi-finished entertainment center.

I'm still not done yet.  I'm adding panels to the sides of the middle shelf area that will make the exposed area smaller and allow me to hide the cords.

After going through the trouble of hand-painting the handles, I came across the Preval Spray Gun at Home Depot.  It's a mini sprayer that doesn't need a compressor and only costs $5.  I'm going to use it to paint handles for another project this weekend and give you a complete review.  We'll see how it goes!

What are your projects this weekend?

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