Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Weekender: Another Murphy Bed

I know all of you love the Moddi, but today I have an alternative for you that I found while browsing through Andrew Sinclair's blog.  Andrew used the Create-a-Bed system for to make his murphy bed.  With just a few easy mods and the addition of bookcases, he was able to make a super stylish guest bed that can fold away when they leave.  The Create-a-Bed system ($299) is a little more expensive than the Moddi but it comes with the major parts, all you have to do is buy the wood and provide the tools!

Head over to Andrew's blog and check out his video for more on his stylish murphy bed.



  1. Murphy beds are so cool - love the vintage feel.

  2. I love them too! I wanted to put one in our apartment but the ceiling in the guest bedroom is sloped so it didn't work. When we move, I'm definitely building a Murphy Bed!

  3. Awesome job! What are the dimensions?

  4. I'm actually not sure. It appears to be a double bed. You'd have to check with Andrew: