Thursday, February 25, 2010

Headed to the Supermarket

Soundtrack of the Day: The Mysterious Production of Eggs by Andrew Bird
Songs to Try: "Opposite Day", "Measuring Cups" (I can't get them to upload but believe me they're good!)

I recently stumbled upon Supermarket, a website for designers and artists to sell their work, much like Etsy.  While I'm a super Etsy fan, Supermarket is quickly finding a place in my heart!

The main difference between Etsy and Supermarket is size.  Etsy is HUGE and offers products from a diverse range of people.  From hobbyists to serious, independent designers who sell their work for a living, you'll find them on Etsy.  On the other hand, Supermarket is smaller and includes only the more serious designers.  Of course this means you're less likely to find some of the less expensive items that Etsy offers but sometimes it's worth it!  Take a look at a few of my faves below!


  1. What a cool site! Mr. Bird is one of my faves. I've seen him live a couple of times, although it's been a few years and I'm jonesing for another Andrew bird show! Since he was really discovered, he hasn't played in my city. Looks like a good excuse for a road trip...

  2. Isn't it great? I only wish they had a vintage section! I love Andrew Bird too. He played here in Boston last month but by the time we knew it was too late. My husband saw him at Bonaroo and said he was great...I can't wait till he's here again either :)