Wednesday, July 8, 2009


You're doing a little DIY - making a fake platform bed, painting your bedroom, re-staining a thrift store find - when you decide to take a snack break. You head to the sink and start washing your hands, all the while thinking of that delicious sandwich you're about to devour. But, wait. The wood stain won't come off your hands. Now you're left with sticky fingers! Not fun.

If that's ever happened to you, I've got the perfect product to cure your sticky-hand-blues. GoJo Hand Cleaner works like magic to remove every trace of grime from your hands. It comes in sevearl different variations and is used in the home improvement, healthcare, and automotive industries. I chose the Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner, which is an all-purpose cleaner that removes paint, grease, stain, and oil from you hands. The pumice scrub feels great on your hands and the orange smell is awesome.

I wasn't able to find GoJo on the Home Depot website, though they do sell it in their store for $3.49. If you search GoJo on, you'll find a huge assortment of GoJo cleaners. I recommend the gallon size for anyone who does a lot of DIY. I'm considering getting the wall mounted pump to keep in my workroom. GoJo also makes hand wipes...great to keep around the house or in your emergency car kit for those times when you have to change a tire or check your oil.

Now you can enjoy your snack break without sticky hands!

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