Sunday, July 5, 2009

Apartment Wanted: Work Work Work

Moving this summer? Don't forget to look for an apartment with a workspace. Whether you're a student or your employer offers work-from-home days, you'll love having a home office to hide-away in when it's time to buckle down.

Remodeled Victorian (Ohio City, OH)
3bed, 2.5bath

Figured I'd start with one from my beloved state of Ohio! This victorian's been completely updated with a modern kitchen, baths, and all new fixtures. According to the listing, there are several rooms that will work great as an office. There's even a billiards room! This 15 room house is by far the largest rental I've seen so far under $2000. I would consider moving back if I got to live here (don't hold your breath, mom!)

Norfolk Foreclosure (Norfolk, VA)
Foreclosures suck. No one wants to lose their home. On the other hand, foreclosures are great opportunities for renters and home buyers in the market for a new place. Like this gorgeous Virgina home. There's a built-in desk with cabinet space in the kitchen that's great if you just need a small work area for you laptop. If you need something bigger, there's a den with built-in shelving and a 4th bedroom, both good options.

Lofted Workspace (Austin, TX)
2bed, 2bath

The loft space in this apartment is great for use as an office. There's nice natural light streaming in from the downstairs windows, and great built-in space to store your books and files. If you need a study break, check out the gym, theatre, or pool...all great perks of living in a gated community.

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  1. It's so fun to look at properties on the market - thanks for the tour :)