Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moving on Out!

With all the students graduating or leaving school for the summer, I figured now is the perfect time to do a Move-Out Checklist full of tips to help you get your deposit back from your landlord!

1. Patch them holes!
If your landlord was nice enough to let you hang pictures, you probably have a hole or two left in your wall. Patch them the easy way with Patch-N-Paint. Spread the lightweight spackling over the hole, remove the excess, wait 15 minutes for it to dry, dab on a little touch up paint and you're all set. A half pint container ($3.48, Home Depot) works great for small jobs. If you're looking for a bargain, grab the 1 quart size. For $5.98 you'll end up with enough spackling to last you the rest of your renting life. Click here for more...

2. Uh oh!
Did you lose a burner cap for your stove or screw up the ice dispenser in the kitchen? Before your landlord kills you, check Appliance Help carries every part you could ever need for every appliance brand you can think of. Break the dishwasher door handle? They've got you covered. Drop the a/c out the window (I've almost done it several times!)? They've got you covered. If the repair is a little over your head, try bargaining with your landlord. Perhaps they'll do the labor and give all or part of your deposit back if you buy the necessary parts.

3. Get on your knees...
and start scrubbing the floor. If you have carpet, try Resolve High Traffic Foam ($6.99, Walgreens) to remove stains. I've used this stuff on rugs and couches and it got the stain out every time. For wood, repair scratches with Old English Scratch Cover. It comes in two for light wood and another for dark. It won't get rid of the scratch but it will make them blend in. Once that's done, give the floors a good cleaning with Method Wood for Good ($6, Target). The almond scent is amazing! Click here for more...

4. Start replacing
If you removed something from your apartment, make sure to put it back. Door handles, window blinds, light switch covers, curtains, light fixtures...whatever. If it's your landlord's property they'll expect it to be there when you move out.

5. What's that smell?
Don't leave any lingering odors. Even if it's just the trash, your landlord will assume the worst. Oust Surface and Air Disenfectant will help get rid of any stubborn smells. If you want to leave a nice scent behind, try one of the airfresheners from Airwick. Their products tend to leave a nice, lasting fragrance. I love the Freshmatic Mini. It releases a scent every few minutes.

6. Don't leave anything behind!
Double check everything. Go through every drawer and cabinet one-by-one to make sure you didn't leave anything behind. Check in the back of the closet and in the pantry. There's always that one little thing that gets forgotten.

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