Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Re-Style: Accessorize!

This year's Spring Re-Style posts are dedicated to those looking to spruce up their apartment without breaking the bank. That's always been the goal of Apartment 528, but in these tough financial times, it's even more important than ever.

So to start things off, we're addressing the little things. Like these adorable barnacle bowls from Alma Pottery ($36/set of 4). The soft white exterior and deep turquoise inside add just the right amount of color to help you break out of the dark tones of winter.

Use them on an entry table to hold your keys, in the bedroom to hold your favorite jewelry, or in the living room as planters. Alma Pottery even suggests hanging the planters upside down (there are holes in the bottom) to make a mobile.

Don't have the funds? Try turning every day household items into unique accessories. Not only is it cost effective, but it's eco-friendly too! Wine bottles can become vases or carafes and kitchen canisters can hold office supplies (I use red canisters in my office!). I even use empty peanut containers as stylish coin holders...remove the label to reveal the silver container below and nobody will be the wiser!