Monday, March 30, 2009

Ikea Hacking!

Here's an ingenious A/C cover from IkeaHackers. I've never seen an A/C unit like this outside of a hotel, but if you're one of the unlucky few who has one in your apartment, this is a great solution. For the rest of us, this would make a great entry table or buffet.

To create this cover, Alex used wood flooring, Lack panels, and cabinet legs - all from Ikea. Just goes to show you what a little creativity and a few minutes in the As Is section can get you! Make sure you look at the other hacks Alex has done...he has an awesome loft.

(Images via IkeaHacker)

*Apt528 Tip: Next time your at Ikea, look in the As Is section for discounted items. The products you find there are floor models or returns that just need a little TLC to get them back in shape. Most Ikeas have certain days where you can get an extra 20% off As Is purchases. Check the promotions page for your local store at to find out more.


  1. That is very inventive, it looks as though it was made to be put together that way.