Monday, March 2, 2009

Bored with the Dining Room!

I'm bored with my dining room. Big surprise! I thought painting the stripe would liven things up a bit, but I'm still not sold on that idea. Now I'm considering adding another teal wall, and getting rid of the stipe. But before I get started on any projects, I decided to take a look around Flikr for a little inspiration.

I'm not usually a fan of all-white decor but this room just looks so crisp and fresh. (Image Via Me*jo)

Love it! The chandelier is gorgeous and the paint color is a perfect compliment to the starburst wallpaper. (Image Via The 10 Cent Designer)

I really like the wall cutouts. They keep the room open and airy. (Image Via rwfan99)

I don't plan on ditching my chairs anytime soon, still, there's something peaceful, modern, and beautiful about this space. I wish I had an arch like that in my apartment! (Image Via Natala007)

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