Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Old Switcheroo

One easy thing you can do to upgrade the look of a room is to change out the light switch covers. They're cheap, come in a gazillion different designs, and you can easily switch them out when your lease expires.

Here are just a few from the folks over at Etsy.

Clockwise from top left: Beatles Let it Be Switch Cover, $8 (Tatty7); Custom Light Switch Covers, $4 (Bright and Beautiful); Dear in the Headlights Cover, $8 (Tatty7); Southwest Cactus and Yucca Double Switch Cover, $10 (Crochet and Craft); Plaid Light Switch and Outlet Covers, $6.50 (Lindsay's Lights); Faux Antique Brass Textured Floral Cover, $12.50 (Gina Parnell); Owl Light Switch Cover Plate, $30 (Bright Color Art)

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