Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In the 3+ years I've been a renter in Boston, I've been lucky enough to find landlords that allowed me to paint the apartment walls.

Of course, not all people have it that easy which is why there are companies like WallPops (found on AT). WallPops are repositional wall decals that can be used to decorate a small area or an entire room. I searched through the website and found all kinds of neat graphics you can choose from. According to the company website, WallPops are reusable and leave no sticky traces on your wall which makes them a perfect investment that you can carry with you from apartment to apartment.

Each print is available in a stripe, circle, or block shape. They also have a ZooWallogy line that features vintage-print favorite is the Mabuza elephant.


  1. I love these, thanks for the advice. They look great and work as advertised.

  2. Have you used them before? I'd love to see pics.