Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pics of the new place!

I know you'd all die if I didn't post pics of our apartment today (mom!) so, here you go. And yes, I know the pictures are grainy. I promise to get a new camera soon!

The Dining Room with my gorgeous teal wall! I wish you could see the actual color in the pictures, it's so pretty.

The Living Room into the Dining Room. The orange couch and chair are going and a teal sectional is taking their place. I can't wait!

Dining Room into the Living Room

Part of the kitchen. I know, the fridge was a little smudgy!

The radiator cover in the living room

We still have a ways to go before things are like I want them but for now, this is good!! To see a couple extra pics, go to the Apartment 528 flickr page.


  1. Great job! Do you have any BEFORE pictures...??

  2. beautiful..i can write you just this!i love the colors so vivacious..

  3. Thanks! I wish you could see the REAL colors. The teal is vibrant and rich and the green really pops against the soft sable brown. I was too excited about painting to remember to take before pics (my bad!) but you can see what the place looked like before we moved in if you check here...http://blog.apt528.com/2008/07/apartment-wanted.html