Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sowa - Again!

I went to the Sowa Open Market again this weekend. It's an addiction that both Jerome and I share. I admit that most of the times we go, we don't buy anything. I just like to go and see what there. But this time there was a new vendor I hadn't seen before - WunderCabinet. Not only did they have some neat vintage items, but they were also nice and very personable. I found several items I wanted including a yellow lamp, a set of matching alarm clocks, and a wire owl hanging...I'm really into owls right now!

Out of all the things I saw at the market, there was one thing I couldn't leave without. This cute vintage suitcase I purchased from WunderCabinet. I LOVE the pattern and the colors. The picture below was taken at my house with the suitcase propped up in front of my wall panel. As you can see, the green is one of my favorite colors! I plan on using teal, citron green, and golden yellow as the main colors in our new apartment which is probably what drew me to this bag - it matches perfectly!

I still need to buy a new handle, but as soon as I do, you'll see me jet-setting all over the place with my new chic luggage!

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