Monday, August 25, 2008

The Deconstruction 1: Work Work Work

Moving week is finally here! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I eat, sleep and breathe moving to the new place. It's even in my dreams.

What's not in my dreams is all the work that goes into packing. In one weekend, our living room went from my favorite room to this giant empty space. We took down the records, tv, and wall panel and patched and painted the holes that were left behind. Now the couch looks incredibly small without the records there to take up visual space.

In the dining room we patched more holes and scraped the paint off the china cabinet (more on that tomorrow). And in the other rooms we packed everything imaginable. I had to dig through boxes this morning to find my purse!

Though I'm happy to be moving to an even better apartment, there's that part of me that hates to tear down all my hard work. It seems like only yesterday I was building this place up, now I'm ripping it apart :(

I'm sure I'll get over my sorrow this weekend when I sleep under the skylights in the master bedroom for the first time...I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

The living room pre-packing

The living room post-packing

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