Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Get to Work!!

Orange Glow
Location: Winnetka, CA
Price: $40

This lamp will cast the perfect glow over your work space. Now you have no excuse not to have those reports in on time!
Also see: Yellow Desk Lamp ($10)

Movie Style Office
Location: South Omaha
Price: $125

This classic 50's desk is just like what you see in old movies. Grab a typewriter and you're good to go. Don't forget the buzzer for the secretary.

Location: SW Portland
Price: $119

If you're going to grab the "movie desk" don't forget to grab a matching chair. You'll love swiveling around your work area in this chair.
Also see: Orange Steelcase Chair ($75)

Fun with Fiberglass
Location: Golden Valley, MN
Price: $75

There's something inspiring about a fiberglass shell chair and wire-framed desk. The light appears to be built in to the desk...SCORE! Also the perfect size for a small apartment or working with a laptop.
Also see: 70's Desk and Chair Set ($20); Folding Multi-level Desk ($35)

Mid-Century Awesome Desk
Location: Hampden, MD
Price: $75

This desk exudes mid-century charm. I don't even know if I could consentrate on my work if I had this, I'd be so busy admiring the desk! There's a deep drawer that looks good for files and three shallower drawers that would be great for holding color coordinated paperclips, pencils, and staples.
Also see: Dovetailed desk ($175)

Laminate Glory
Location: Post Falls, WA
Price: $30

I love this desk. It looks like the white top is made of laminate and once again there are tons of drawers for accessories.
Also see: Paul McCobb Desk ($300); Retro silver desk ($325); "Manly" vintage desk ($650)

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