Monday, June 2, 2008

Bye Bye Mosquitos!

If you haven't read Domino magazine, head to the nearest newsstand and pickup a copy. Out of the gazillion design magazines I subscribe to, Domino is my favorite when it comes to good, practical, AFFORDABLE advice. They also have great blogs on their website,

One of my favorite ideas in this month's issue came from style director Dara Caponigro who used DIY retractable netting to screen off her porch. It's a great solution for renters who want to keep out the bugs and add a dose of style.

To snag Dara's curtains go to When there you can choose from two options...a metal track or velcro. According to the Mosquito Curtians website, the netting can run you upwards of $400 if you choose the metal track (pictured above). My opinion, hit the fabric store, grab some netting, install curtain tracks from Ikea, and you can do your whole porch on the cheap.
While your checking out the Domino website, make sure to visit the 50 Paint Colors Gallery to see real rooms splashed with bright inspiration.

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