Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jerome's New Toy

Jerome's birthday was last week which left me with one questions: what to get my music-loving boyfriend for his big day?

After thinking about it forever, I finally asked the b-day boy himself. Jerome's response? He wants a vintage Rickenbacker bass. These can cost thousands of dollars...thousands of dollars I wasn't prepared to spend. So I went for his next favorite thing...

A travel bass.

He's been talking about travel basses since we first saw one a couple months ago. They play just like a regular bass but have no body. Since this was a little more in my price range, I hit the store and picked one up. I tried to act like I was a musician so the sales guys would think I was a cool rocker chic. He figured me out about 2 minutes into the purchase when I asked, "does that bass come in any other colors? I want it to match the livingroom."

Unfortunatley, it DIDN'T come in any other colors. I'm still not a fan of the blonde wood but it's worth it to see him happy playing with his new toy.

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