Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Review: Got Wood?

Spring is FINALLY showing itself in Boston which means it's time to start the weekend spring cleaning and DIY projects. To help you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the weather, I'll post product reviews and project tips every weekend.

Today is all about wood. If you live in an older city like Boston, you're used to wood floors. Though some landlords gave up a long time ago on keeping the floors nice between tenants, other landlords can be real sticklers about even the tiniest scratch. In my case, our landlord had the floors refinished right before we moved in. They were so clean and shiny I didn't even want to walk on them! Since then, I've made a few scratches moving furniture and even spilled paint a couple of times.

In my search for wood care products, I fell in love with Method, a brand sold in Target and online through the Method website. Method is a cheeky, eco-friendly company that specializes in non-toxic, compostable cleaning products for both your apartment and you body. They make being green easy, AFFORDABLE, and hip. Look for Method products in today's post and many future reviews.

1. Microfiber Mop

The first step in cleaning your wood floors is purchasing a microfiber mop. Hardwood isn't meant to be cleaned with a regular mop and needs a gentle touch. Before I use any type of floor cleaner, I always go over the floors with the microfiber mop to gather all the dust and junk. These mops are great at trapping dust and won't leave dustbunnies behind. Most microfiber mops come with removable/replacable cloths. When mine gets dirty, I simply throw it in the washer and it's good as new.

2. Floor Cleaner

For my wood floors, I found the Method Wood For Good Floor Cleaner ($6) works best. I tried the Swiffer wood floor cleaner and Murphy Oil Soap, but both left my floor streaky and my house full of that lemon, sterile smell. The Method cleaner left no streaks and is easy to use! Simply squirt the cleaner directly onto the floor and use a microfiber mop to clean to a shine. Best of all the Wood for Good cleaner has an almond scent so addicting that I clean my floors just to smell it!

Method Wood for Good also comes in a starter kit ($30) that includes a microfiber mop, compostable sweeping pads (yea for saving landfills!), and the almond-scented floor cleaner.

3. Scratch Cover

One thing Method doesn't make is a scratch fixer. For that, I use Old English Scratch Cover. It comes in two different colors - one for dark wood and one for light. To use, squirt the Old English onto a towel and wipe the scratches. Next, apply the scratch cover to the larger area where the scratches are located and buff to a shine. While this doesn't get rid of scratches, it does make them less noticable.

Renter Tip: Get paint on your floors? No problem! Latex paint easily wipes up with water or can be peeled away once it's dry. Spill oil or spray paint? I found the Old English Scratch Cover to be great for getting rid of these hard to remove paints. Squirt it on the towel and rub until the stain disappears. It does take a little elbow work but in the end it's worth it!

4. Furniture Polish

Back to Method again! The Method Wood for Good Furniture Polish and Furniture Wipes are top knotch for wood furniture care. Like the floor cleaner, they're also almond scented and leave you furniture shiny and protected.


  1. Did you see method has a pop-up shop on Newbury for the next week? So pretty and smells nice too.

  2. Thanks for the tip!! I found the info and am throwing it up in a post right now. I love Method's products so this is great!