Monday, April 7, 2008

Dining Room Remix

Once again, I'm bored with one of my rooms! Actually, I guess I'm not really bored with it, I just never quite finished what I started. Originally, the dining table was turned horizontally in the same direction as the desk in the back of the pic. I was going to put a bench underneath the large window and have lit tree displays on each side. It was going to be pretty.

Then I fell in love with my living room and stopped working on the dining room.

Now, it's time to give my once favorite room the attention it deserves. To start, I turned my table so it runs lengthwise. Big move, I know! I like how it looks vertically in the room. It gives more space in the walkway and allows the windows to be more of a feature as you're looking out from the table.

My next step in the room rearrange was buying my new laptop last week. Before, my PC was sitting on the desk in the dining room. Now with the laptop, I don't have to worry about the computer blending in and I can move the desk without it being by an outlet.

The desk is going under the window and for use as a buffet. I might paint it black to add some weight to the already bright window area. I still want to get seating for the room, but this time, it's going on the wall where the desk is. I don't know whether I want a couple of ottomans or if I should stick with the bench. After I decide that, I have to pick a style.

Decorating can be so hard!

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