Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bombs Away!

What do you get when you combine a WWII bomb, authentic airplane propellers, 2 lbs of ball bearings, and a few pieces of glass?


Or so says Plane Pieces Inc., a CT based furniture company. Since starting in 2004, Plane Pieces product arsenal has grown to include an aray of unique, hand-crafted designs. From cocktail tables made out of crank shafts to red-splashed bulkhead mirrors (cleverly named Enemy Splatter!), there's definitley no lack of creativity coming from the mind of Plane Pieces's head designer, who goes by the name Flying Monkey.

Having grown up with a love for planes, Flying Monkey takes care to ensure all parts are original and all designs are one of a kind. You can even choose the color to help each piece fit perfectly in your home.

But, having an original piece of WWII in your home will definitely cost you. Tables go for around $1500 while the mirrors are $145. Take it from me, after seeing several of the pieces in person, it's well worth the money! Buy a few quality second-hand and Ikea pieces and use the money you save to buy a propeller for the wall or an awesome Wee Bomb will all be worth it once you see the look on your guests faces!

Check out the Plane Pieces website for more info and new product updates.

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