Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blood Blood Everywhere!

Well, it's not blood actually, but the red color of my hallway. I of course got sucked in to TV Monday night and didn't get the pictures up like I promised I would, so here I am now. There are a few things I need to touch up, but with the poor lighting at the end of the hallway, those things will have to wait until this weekend when I have a little more daylight. So far I like it though. Below, you can see what the hall looks like with black trim and what it looks like with white trim.

I personally think the black is too dark and makes too much of a statement in a small space that already has rich color from the red and movement with the barcodes. Trim will be another project this weekend.

To bring in more light, I'll be putting two square mirrors at the end of the hall where you see the empty wall and a small console table for keys and whatnot. I also need to add the numbers/letters to the barcodes. After that, this space will be all ready to go! I couldn't be happier! :)

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