Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New In the Shop: Family Fun

This week's shop updates are all about kids and family. From durable furniture built to withstand family dinners and cozy movie nights to toys that inspire the imagination to notebooks that bring out the kid in us all.

Don't forget, blog readers get 10% off their first order using the handy dandy code you see in the sidebar. Just enter BLOG10 at checkout.

And as always, there's tons more handmade and vintage on the website and even more available in our Chicago studio.

1. Fence art by iamhome (various colors and sizes available); 2. 3-String Guitars by Loog (3 styles); 3. Custom Mid Century Coffee Table (available in 5 colors); 4. Plastic Vintage Insects; 5. Buckstaff Library Chairs, Set of 4; 6. Creatures by Mr. Sogs (many colors and style available); 7. Blank Notebooks by My Zoetrope; 8. Jalopies by Tree Hopper Toys (3 styles); 9. Metal Storage Cabinet from Swell Machine (2 sizes)

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