Monday, February 6, 2012

Studio Makeover: The Doors

The doors are (almost) done!!!

After stripping, sanding, and staining for what seemed like an eternity, I finally got the doors kind of done. For now, I've only worked on the front. I got so tired that I didn't do the inside of the door. I think I'm going to go the lazy route and just leave the inside painted white since the only person who's going to see it is me anyway. I still need to get curtains to hide the mess and find some awesome antique doorknobs, but other than that we're done! 

Oh, and did you notice? WALLPAPER!!! I really wanted some old, retro wallpaper to decorate the outside of the room. I searched Etsy and Ebay looking for paper with red in it to bring out the red pipes above the room but couldn't find anything, especially in a full roll like I needed. But on a thrifting expedition Monday, I came across a FULL ROLL of groovy wallpaper. It looks like something straight out of The Brady Bunch! There's no red but I love the pattern and there was tons of it. Best was $2.69!!!! Does it get any sweeter :)

Wallpaper up, time to paint!

I ended up stapling the wallpaper to the wall instead of pasting it. I constantly change my mind so I figured this was a better decision, that way I can easily switch it out for something else down the road. The pattern is busy enough and the staples are far enough apart that you have to look hard to find the staples. I did glue the wallpaper on the right side of the door because I was at the end of the roll at that point and had to put together several small pieces that didn't want to unroll. The paper is pre-pasted so all I had to do is wet it and smooth. If only everything was so easy!

Next on the list: finding door knobs, finally painting the green above the workshop, and finishing the taping and painting of the drywall inside the room. Almost there!

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