Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Handmade by TechnoMud

So apparently I forgot to tell you all that we have new handmade in the shop from our newest designer, TechnoMud!

Myles, the guy behind TM, creates super sleek and sexy phone and tablet docks.  Made of ceramic, each dock has a space in the back for holding mail, office supplies, small notebooks, and even flowers. The cork padding keeps your gear in place and has a hole for your cords to run underneath and behind the dock.  I have one in my office and I've got to tell you, I feel so organized!  The docks are also perfect for nightstands and kitchens.  We've got three different sizes so your phones, iPads, e-readers, and mp3 players always have a place to go. Grab yours today!  Oh, and while you're picking up a dock, make sure to get an iCord or headphones from Cordinated.  Now you'll REALLY be in style!

This dock is perfect for holding flowers
My dock holding my Sharpie collection!
Tablet/e-reader dock
This dock is perfect for the can
display recipes from your tablet while holding
your cooking utensils in the back!

You'll definitely want new cords to go with your fancy stand!

>>SHOP TechnoMud and Cordinated

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