Wednesday, October 12, 2011

8 Questions With: Juli and Dan of Cordinated

***WARNING***  Reading this Q+A will cause you to feel lazy and unaccomplished, giving you a desire to finish all the projects on your list.  Proceed with caution!

Monday, we introduced you to Cordinated, the newest company to be added to our stable of amazing designers. Their yarn-wrapped cords give your electronics a big boost of color and turn them in to works of art.  What we didn't know at the time was just HOW amazing Cordinated is.  Creators Juli and Dan are quite possibly the busiest people in the world.  Don't believe me?  Read down a bit and see just how many projects Juli has going on.  I got tired just reading it all!  Thankfully, they still have time to make sure your headphones are wrapped in cozy sweaters and your iThings are never without their colorful cords.

We always ask the most important questions first. So, mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?
We are a no mayo or miracle whip household.  (As a HUGE Miracle Whip lover, I'm a little hurt.  I'll try to soldier on!)

I know it's hard to play favorites, but what's your favorite room in your house and why? What room do you try to avoid?
My favorite room is my living room. It's the only one I feel I have successfully "decorated" The rest of my house I like to refer to as "flex-space"

We hear you've got a lot going on (grad school, work, Cordinate). What else do you have going on?
Here is the master list:

  • Grad School
  • Being a band called Ham Siobam
  • Office Job
  • Food Delivery Job
  • Running Cordinated
  • Slowly phasing out my vintage shop
  • Freelance web work

Wow. You guys do EVERYTHING! How do you relax at the end of the day?
Watching Netflix keeps me sane. Even if it's 1 am and I just finished my work for the day. I always make sure to wind down with an episode of Mad Men. I've also been watching a cheesy teen drama called Make It Or Break It about 4 teen girls who are training to go to the olympics in gymnastics. It is fantastic(ly cheesy)!

We love your fun, colorful headphones and iphone cables. What else do you guys make?
We actually started by making our own guitar cables and have just recently expanded our line to headphones earbuds and iPod cables. We actually hand solder all of our instrument cables. This makes them last longer because we make them right, the cables you buy at the store for cheap usually break really quickly.

How did Cordinated get started? What inspired you?
I am a musician. And I love color. I am a bass player and all the equipment that comes with playing bass is designed to look very "rugged" or like a monster truck. I'm a girl, and I wanted to make at least a small piece of my gear look good. So I wrapped it in yarn! I had so much fun making it I thought others would enjoy it. And I'm still making them so something must have clicked. I am inspired by all musical gear that incorporates design as well as well designed electronics. I'm a bit of a tech geek.

With music being at the root of Cordinated, I have to ask, what tunes get you moving and grooving while you work?
Recently I have been listening to a lot of St. Vincent. I love new music that sounds different than anything I have ever heard before. I value artists that break the mold and are genre defying. I also like music you can dance to, but is not technically described as "dance music". I'm a sucker for an upbeat and I tend to lean towards songs that are arranged well.

Close your eyes and make believe you no longer have a plate full of activities. (Crazy, I know!) What would be next on your list?
Oh! I started a project before I started grad school and I've been itching to finish it. I'm repainting some old shelves I had as a kid and turning them into side tables. I wish I could finish them because I have so many books for school that I could store in them when I'm finished instead of having them clutter my desk.

I also would love to do some music based visual art. I've had this idea to map out the arrangements of songs I like graphically and see what shape they take. That would be my next shop if Cordinated somehow got put on hold. It would be more "fine-art". No one is allowed to steal that idea!  (You heard it here first folks.  I'd better not see this idea anywhere on the market...idea stealers are NOT cool!)

Another thing I've wanted to do is have more live shows in my "flex-space" I think I'd make a pretty good booking agent and it would be fun to have friends come over more often to listen to some tunes.

I also want to travel more and get a dog.

Didn't I tell you they're crazy busy?!  Before you feel the need to finish all your to-do's, grab your own iCords, headphones, and earbuds at the Apartment 528 store.

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