Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time Out, Randolph Street, and a Big Move

Don't hate me!  I know last week I was supposed to finish up The Big Move posts, but I got caught up!  First off, I had to get our apartment ready for our newest press...a House Call in Time Out Chicago!  We're so happy to be featured.  Unfortunately, we're still working on the two bedrooms so the pictures are only of the main house, but hopefully we'll have them ready to share soon.  The best part of the feature?  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is on the cover!!!  I have a mega crush on Justin and am not ashamed to say that I have a JT marionette doll form his NSync "Bye Bye Bye" days.  Just think, one day I could be in the same ROOM as Justin and we could talk about the Time Out piece!  For the full article or to see more pictures, click here.

Copyright Time Out Chicago

Copyright Time Out Chicago

After the House Call, it was time to get ready for the Randolph St. Market.  The weather was nice but the sun was burning a hole in our sides, especially when we got caught in the glare off the stainless tanker desk.  Lesson learned: always wear sunscreen.  I think my face will be peeling for months now and I'm starting to hate the smell of Aloe.  Thankfully, I had my mom and sisters in town all weekend to lend an extra hand.  Thanks to all who came out and shopped us.  We'll see you again at the Vintage Bazaar September 18th.

Now that things have quieted down and we're finally back to normal, I'll be around blogging, starting with this week's weekender featuring the DIY you've all been waiting for...concrete countertops!!

In the meantime, we're so behind on this year's Big Move series that I've decided to just skip it and move forward.  Next year I'll be ready, I promise!  So instead, take a look at some posts from the past couple of years to help you out with your big move!

Moving?  These past posts will help you out!

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