Friday, August 5, 2011

The Weekender: Adjustable Toilet Paper Roll Cord Holders

The Weekender's back! With all the moving, painting, and (un)packing we've gone through this past year, I haven't had must energy or creativity left for the DIY projects I love.  Now that we're a little more settled with no plans of moving any time soon, I've decided to make a commitment to do at least one project a week for the next year, no matter how small.

To kick things off, we're going super basic.  I'm sure you've seen toilet papers turned into cord storage a million times before.  It's an old trick that takes just five minutes and some scraps of paper but it will keep you from going crazy when you're searching for the cords.  To shake things up a bit, I added velcro so you can adjust them for different cord sizes.  I also made some shorter just because :)


TIME: 5 minutes
COST: Free!!! Just use scrap paper.
  • toilet paper roll(s)
  • paper, fabric, or wrapping paper
  • glue, spray adhesive, or tape
  • scissors
  • adhesive velcro

CUT  Scrape any leftover tissue off the rolls and cut them down the middle.  If you want to make shorter cord holders, cut them in half first.

Spread out the rolls on top of your fabric/paper/wrapping paper.  Trace along the top and bottom edges.  Add about a 1/4" to the ends so you have some to wrap around the inside of the roll.  Cut your paper/fabric.

GLUE  For paper, you can glue, tape, or use spray adhesive to attach your paper to the roll.  For my black and white paper, I used spray adhesive.  I tried using the spray for the brown fabric as well but it bled through and led to a sticky situation!  I'd recommend light glue for fabric.  Wrap the extra 1/4" around and glue/tape it inside.

VELCRO  Attach your velcro buttons.  Wrap the rolls around a cord to see about how big you want them and press the last velcro pieces into place.  For shorter rolls, one set of velcro will work.

To make adjustable rolls, attach another row of velcro to the INSIDE of the roll, for smaller cords like headphones.

ENJOY!   Use your new cord holders in a drawer to organize extra cords or to manage extra long computer and TV cords so they don't tangle.

BEFORE - messy!

AFTER - so clean :)

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