Monday, August 22, 2011

The Big Move 2011 - The Apartment Hunt

It's about that time again where everyone's moving around.  Typically, I'd do this post a little earlier but you know what they say, better late than never!  Whether you're thinking about moving, already in the process, or trying to get settled, we'll have tips and tricks for you all week to make sure you get back your security deposit and move-in faster to your new home.

Still Apartment Hunting...

The internet is crawling with great tools to help you find the place you're looking for.  While craigslist is the reigning king of online classifieds, there are other great apartment hunting sites out there offering in-depth info to help you find the place of your dreams.  One of my favorites? which gives you detailed info about both the apartment AND the neighborhood.  You can see how much you'd be paying per sq. foot, how many grocery stores and coffee shops are around, and the walk and transit scores of the neighborhood so you know whether to get a car, bus pass, or a new pair or walking shoes.

There are an incredibly high number of 1bed apartments going for $2k-$4k in Boston.  CRAZY!
Once you've narrowed down your list, make sure you're getting a good deal by using the Rent-o-Meter.  It looks at what other rentals in the neighborhood are going for and shows you whether you're high, low, or just right. Thankfully our apartments have always been right in the middle!  Is yours a little high?  Visit some of the other available apartments in the area and see how they compare to the one you're interested in as far as square footage and upgrades.  If everything seems level, use the Rent-o-Meter results to strike a conversation with the landlord to see why the rent is higher and maybe get it reduced.  You never know!

Even crazier than the number of $2k+ apartments in Boston is the fact that $3300 is "reasonable" for a 2bed!
If you're moving in with roomates, has AWESOME calculation tools to put an end to roomie squabbles.  Their SplitTheRent calculator has a fairness scale that takes in to consideration factors such as room size and layout, windows, bathroom access, and annoying noise issues to determine who should pay what.  Now instead of arguing about fair rent, you can save your energy for those super important feuds over who left their dirty underwear in the kitchen.

Tomorrow we'll have all you need to know about moving out and getting your security deposit back.  Happy Apartment Hunting!

{By the way, none of the sites mentioned today are sponsors, they're just super awesome!}

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