Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Think I'll Go to Boston

Last month we visited Boston for the first time since our move to Chicago.  We were only there for a few short days but we managed to pack in the christening of Jerome's godson, a bridal shower, hanging out with friends and family, and Jerome's birthday celebration.  Phew!  Though we weren't there long enough to eat do everything we wanted, we did get a chance to dine at some of our favorite places like Sunset Bar and Grille and Shabu Zen (awesome hot pot cooking) plus chow down on pizza and canoli in the North End.

Ah, the T.  Just as slow and annoying as always!

Walking through the North End on our way to Ernesto's for our favorite pizza to celebrate Jerome's birthday.

Mike's Pastry.  It's a huge tourist trap and is always packed but it's definitely worth the wait!  They have a gazillion and one different kinds of canoli to choose from but we stuck with the standard chocolate chip.  Delish!

These cakes look so amazing!

Every time we go to Mike's Pastry, I get a slice of Oreo cheesecake to take home and every time, Jerome leaves the box on the train.  Seriously.  This time the cake actually made it home and I got to eat the most delicious, scrumptious, decadent treat ever!  Can't wait to go back for more :)

While in the North End, we stumbled upon Shake the Tree, a cute boutique on Salem Street.  I don't know how I missed seeing it all these years but I'm definitely glad I went in this time.  The store is jam packed with the cutest accessories, gifts, and clothing.  I couldn't help but touch everything I saw!  I ended up buying a couple sets of stationery and a card for our cousin. If we weren't concerned with bringing stuff back on the plane (and if Jerome wasn't waiting impatiently for me outside), I would have bought more. If you're in the area, stop by.  Sorry for the horrible pictures, you know I'm a terrible photographer!

I love, love, LOVE the rainbow colored purse!  I was tempted to buy it but I already had a suitcase full of purses to bring home that I'd left at my in-laws back in August.  The fact that I didn't even remember half of the bags shows that I have a real purse addiction!  Next time...

We had a great time in Boston and can't wait to go back!  See you soon Boston! 

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  1. Boston does seem a great place to live. Thanks for the pics from great places