Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around the World

I've been totally obsessed with maps lately.  I think it started after our wedding when my mom gave us an old framed chess board with a map of Boston as the background.  We had the chess board for years growing up in the midwest, never knowing that one day I would wind up living there as an adult.  Whowouldathunk?!

Then last month, we came across a US map at the Vintage Bazaar.  One of our booth neighbors was selling it and gave it to us after they saw how much I liked it.  Over the past month, we've found a few more maps at random garage sales and thrift stores.  Now we're slowly building a collection!  All we need are maps of Ireland and Italy to represent Jerome's heritage and one of my namesake India.  Until we find the perfect ones, I'll be drooling over these awesome maps.

Map cut and modge podged over canvases {via Little Birdie Secrets}

Map wallpaper {via Decor Pad}

Framed map hearts {via Everything Fabulous}

Hanging map.  LOVE the lamp too. {via Design Sponge}

Old map covering French door panes.  Great idea! {via Pink Wallpaper}

Chalkboard Globe {via Design Sponge}

India Map Pillow Cushion, $55, My Bearded Pigeon

Hand-Stitched India Map Necklace, $54, Il Gatto Selvatico

For more awesome maps, check out my "Navigate" Pinterest board.

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  1. i love maps too! that door panel one is very cool, thanks for sharing them all!