Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun at the Vintage Bazaar!!

We had a blast at the Vintage Bazaar this past Saturday.  We met lots of awesome, interesting people and got to scope out the hip and fashionable of Chicago.  Thanks to Felix of Avoision for including us in his Bazaar roundup and for the video of our someone commented, laserdiscs are the new vinyl!

Random pics of our booth:

Jerome working the booth!

Some chairs from our new furniture selection.

Laserdiscs and storage containers...what else do you need?

We have no clue what this piece is.  People guessed everything from a nightstand to a large coffee table to a small dresser.  We just call them drawers!

All the kitchenware you could ever want!

For more pics of our booth, head over to our facebook page.

Now that the bazaar's over, we have tons of new stuff to finally add to the shop.  Hopefully everything will be up by this weekend if I can get my camera battery charged.  It has yet to be seen!

Thanks to all who came out to the Vintage Bazaar.  We can't wait to meet you again soon :)


  1. that booth looks amazing!!! i wish i lived in chicago so i couold go to something cool like that! i NEED that orange/red sliding door shelf! Amazing!

  2. Thanks! The bookshelf is actually the only thing NOT for sale...I love it too much! Of course it's the one piece everyone wanted so stay tuned...a few similar bookshelves may end up in the store soon :)

  3. I wish I lived in Chicago! The booth looks great.

  4. wish i lived closer too, looks awesome!!! that first pic, that bookcase, oh swoooon! i've been on the hunt for something like this