Tuesday, May 3, 2011

8 Questions With: Valéry Goulet of Valerydesignwrks

Yesterday, we showed you Valerydesignwrks, the new indie Canadian brand currently available in the Apt528 Store.  We invited you to vote on which VDW pillow makes it into the store! Today we're introducing you to Valéry Goulet, the uber talented illustrator/designer behind the pillows, plates, and decals we've come to love.  So grab a drink, sit back, and get to know our new friend!

Q: What's your favorite piece of furniture in your house?
Valéry I actually really like my dining room set. It reminds me a lot of the set that my parents had when I was born. They also had a similar lamp but it was bright orange. I like the rounded table and the molded chairs.

Of all the materials you work with, which is your favorite?
I love to work with fabric. Fabric is as interesting than paper because it comes in different colours and textures. The same illustration printed on silk and on an heavy textured fabric will look totally different and it is nice to play with this aspect. 

I have an upcoming project, which I will keep secret until it is completed, that is made with fabric. I am really excited about it. 

Design trend you hate the most?

I am trying to think of any current trend I dislike and none of them are coming to mind. I think most of the trends are very interesting but you have to be able to replicate them properly. 

There is a style of lamp I don't like that a lot of people have in their place. The Torchière style floor lamp. I am not sure why but I haven't found one that looks good or brings something great to the room (other than light).

Valérydesignwrks is all about being eco-friendly. What's the best green tip we can use around the house?
It is quite easy to get rid of things and I am a person that won't keep things just because. But when I get rid of something, most of the time I will offer it to someone I think might be interested or a non-profit organization. Garbage is always my very last option. 

What's your favorite color to use in your illustrations?
Lately, I have been using more yellow in my illustrations but it might be because I am so looking forward to the summer and the bright and yellow sun. The colours I use are often related to the way I feel. Today, I feel red. I have a lot or energy :).

Many of your designs feature animals. Which animal is your favorite?
I don't have a favorite animal since I find them all interesting. I like the ones that I don't know very much. Those weird creatures that I am not used to and I can learn a lot about. At home, I have a dog, a parrot, a tortoise and a snake.

What music's playing in your studio while you work?
Lately, I haven't listened to a lot of music while working. My bird is often with me and we whistle together. 'Whistle while you work Ta dada da da da da' 

You've illustrated and designed everything from water bottles to wall decals. What's next on your list?
I am currently looking into multiple options. I need to find a product that is affordable for me and my clients and doesn't require to be mass produced. I would love to be able to illustrate on furniture such as chairs, tables, desks and couches. 

I don't know about you, but I love Valéry and hope we eventually get to meet her tortoise!  For more on Valerydesignwrks, read Valéry's bio and shop her line of products featuring original illustrations and designs! You can also vote on which of her fun pillow covers makes it into the Apartment 528 Store!  Click here to vote. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to figure out how to get an accent over my "e" so I can properly spell "Valery" without having to cut and paste...

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