Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apt528 Review: Golden Harvest Universal Border Adhesive

Golden Harvest Universal Border Paste
$5.89 (Home Depot)

Apt528 Rating: 4 of 5
Easy to use.  Convenient size.

Yesterday I showed you pictures of my finished bookcase project.  I removed the original glass doors and made new ones out of wood, then covered them in vintage wallpaper.

Originally when I was wallpapering the doors, I used 3M's General Purpose Spray Adhesive. It was my first time working with a spray adhesive and let me tell you, it was horrible!  The people on the packaging are using the spray indoors with no problems, however I ended up with a sticky office from the spray traveling in the air and getting all over my stuff.  Lesson learned.

After getting everything sticky and wrestling the paper to not glue to itself, I finally got the wallpaper onto the door, just to have it peel up a week or so later.

My bookcase with new, wallpapered doors
Aaaagh!  The guy at Home Depot suggested using actual wallpaper glue instead of a spray.  Wallpaper is quite thick and comes in rolls so it's natural tendency is to curl up when you're not looking.  Wallpaper glue is made especially to solve problems like this.  Instead of buying a huge bottle (I only needed enough to cover two panels), we got the one-step Universal Border Paste roller by Golden Harvest. Squeeze the bottle and the adhesive goes up the cap and onto the roller and wallpaper.  The bottle is the perfect size for borders and small projects and you don't ever have to worry about getting all sticky.  To clean up, remove the roller and run it under warm, soapy water until clean.  Even I'm not too lazy to do that!

So far, the adhesive is working well and was 10 times easier to use than the spray.  I can't wait to use it on another wallpaper project I have coming up.  If you have a paper project coming up, I definitely recommend giving this adhesive a try.


  1. Great tip, lots of projects coming up, this looks like it will come in handy!

  2. I am looking for Golden Harvest GH14 wallpaper glue.
    Does anyone know where I can find it or what other glue is comparable???

    1. Have you tried Amazon? I found the border glue at Home Depot. They might have the glue you're looking for as well. If not, I'm sure they have something similar. A specialty wallpaper store would definitely have glue as well.

      Good luck with your project!