Saturday, March 19, 2011

Apartment Wanted: Temple Livin'

My number one dream is to buy an old firehouse, church, schoolhouse, or warehouse and converted it into an amazing loft.  I'm obsessed whenever I see renovations like this and I always keep my eye on old buildings going up for sale.  I read a story about one couple that bought a firehouse for just $1 at auction.  What a steal!  Of course you have to use your own money to renovate and bring it up to code but it's worth it.

Until my dreams come true, I think I'd be mighty content living in the Buckingham Pews.  Formerly Temple Emanuel, the owners bought it and converted into gorgeous apartments.  Most units have fireplaces and stained glass windows.  They're in the Lakeview neighborhood so you're close to all the action. Not to mention, they're actually reasonably priced!

Why they chose to put their big TV near the gorgeous stained glass window, I don't know!

They didn't have many pictures available on the website but just looking at the ones above was good enough for me!  If you're interested, they're having an open house this weekend.  We might go just so we can see what they look like!  For more info, head over to the Enterprise Companies website.


  1. Lovely - it does look like it would be nice to come home to!

  2. Love it! I think I would be nervous living in an old church, but it is still a beautiful space. My friend once lived in an old schoolhouse. Very wide hallways made for an easy move! They had part of a stage in their condo...

  3. Ha, you'd definitely have to mind your P's and Q's if you lived there! They're super lucky to have ended up with a stage in their apartment. That would be super neat, especially if you had kids.