Monday, January 24, 2011

Photo Inspiration

Now that we finally have a couch for our basement living room and I've reupholstered it in the perfect green fabric, I can start working on the color scheme for the room.

So far, I think I want to go with jewel toned versions of the pink, blue, yellow, and green that are upstairs.  Most of the room will be a soft grey (Subtle Touch by Behr) so I don't have to paint it back when we leave, but the big long wall of the room will have some sort of color and pattern.  I'm not completely sure what I want to do, but I definitely want a big, fun pattern.

I considered zigzags/a chevron pattern but the wall is so big it would take FOREVER to do.  Still at the back of my mind though...
{Image via Apartment Therapy}
These aren't even the finished product, just the taped-off pattern but I like the idea of the lines kind of dropping off here and there.  Neat idea! {Image via}
Love the varied angels. {Image via It's Great to Be Home on Flickr}
 Super cute! It's like an organic version of the traditional damask design.
{image via Style Hive}
 The combination of the two patterns is perfect.  I think I might use the random strip idea on my side walls.

I think my absolute favorite pattern is the octagon.  Aren't these rooms awesome?! What do you think?

I have no clue where I got these last 3 images from...sorry! 

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