Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekender: Dry Erase DIY

Want a dry erase board on the cheap without the boring white background?  You could make your own using smelly, expensive dry erase paint.  OR go the easy (and cheap) way and frame your favorite fabric, paper, all for under $10.  Dry erase markers easily wipe off glass making picture frames the perfect dry erase board alternative!

  • Thrift and dollar stores are a great place to find frames for a steal.  You can also buy framed art on clearance,  remove the art and insert your own.  I got my black frame at Family Dollar for $6.  Ikea has cheap frames too.
  • Make sure you DO NOT buy a frame with acrylic instead of glass.  They're priced lower but the dry erase markers will NOT come off!!  I learned this the hard way :(
  • If you want cheap fabric, head to the remnant section of the fabric store.  Wrapping paper is also an affordable solution.
  • If you're making a calendar, make sure the frame is at least 14" x 18" or else you won't have much room to write in the squares with a dry erase marker.  
  • Use ribbon or electrical tape to make the lines for your calendar or to do list.  I chose electrical tape because it's relatively thin, comes in many colors, and comes off the frame without leaving any residue. 
  • For a desktop dry erase frame, add floor protectors to the back so it can easily slide around your desk.  You can get a pack for $1 at Dollar Tree.
  • Write away!

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