Thursday, November 11, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...Home Security

Making your Christmas list for Santa?  Don't forget to add the SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System.  Invented by two city dwellers who were tired of watching their friends' apartments being robbed, SimpliSafe is made especially for renters and city folk.  The wireless system comes pre-programmed and is ready for you to setup in just a few easy more spending your lunch break waiting for an installer to come out! Just mount the keypad and door sensors using the included 3M strips (which hold well and come off cleanly when it's time to move), set the base unit in a convenient location, and you're done.

{pic via SimpliSafe}

The $199 starter kit comes with everything you need including a keypad, 2 door sensors, a keychain remote, window decals (to warn would-be robbers that you're protected), and the base station.  You can order more sensors, remotes, and even a panic button as needed.  The keychain remote is what got me.  It lets you turn the alarm on and off as you come and go from your apartment.  According to Unpluggd's test lab review, if you can work your car alarm, you can work this security system.  Awesome!

The sleek white base unit fits right in with your decor. {pic via Unpluggd}
For a $14.99 monthly service fee you also get 24/7 emergency dispatch protection should your alarm go off or for $19.99/month you can also receive texts and emails to let you know when your family/roomies come and go from the apartment or if someone breaks in.  Add the low prices to the fact that SimpliSafe has no contract, and it's much cheaper than conventional alarm systems AND you can take it with you when you move...finally someone's thinking about us renters!

If security's not a big issue and you're just looking for peace of mind, try the $1 door alarms from Dollar Tree...they're super cheap and work well.  We've used them without a problem.  Home Depot and Lowe's have similar door alarm kits although they don't do much more than the dollar version.

Keep safe!

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