Monday, October 25, 2010

Etsy Shop of the Week: SoFino

Who says showering has to be boring?  With the help of SoFino, you can have all the felted soap you want in all kinds of fun shapes and colors.  There are even 30 yummy scents to choose from including Apricot Freesia, Sage & Lemongrass, Fresh Snow, and  Chocolate Espresso.

Felted soap has been around for awhile but for some reason I just discovered it a few months ago.  For others who've been in the dark like me, felted soap is soap covered in a layer of wool.  It has a great lather and the wool works as an exfoliator so you can ditch the washcloth or loofah.  It also saves you from slimy, slippery bars and dropping the soap...much nicer than soap on a rope!


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